Professional Consulting

The ever-changing North America energy market has created unique opportunities and challenges for oil and gas companies. Gryphon OFS has the agility and urgency to move quickly and decisively on emerging resource developments. Gryphon Oil Field Services’ Consulting offers a stable blend of business advisory and technology services precisely designed to facilitate upstream, midstream, downstream, and field services companies to expand their business, improve operational performance, and maintain a viable competitive advantage.

How Gryphon Stands Apart

We focus entirely on the oil and gas industry.

We specialize in navigating the industry’s’ unique challenges with tailored strategies and solutions.

Extensive and in-depth knowledge of all OSHA and all appropriate regulatory agency standards such as ANSI

Our far superior knowledge of oil and gas as well as Gryphons’ technical know-how is a combination that produces results to drive forward your operational advances.

What We Do

  • Complete Well Site Supervision
  • Vertical and Horizontal Drilling Air Drilling
  • Reservoir Engineering Analysis Performance Reviews
  • Stimulation Advisory
  • Work-overs
  • New Completions
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Safety On-Site Supervision Construction Supervision
  • Economic Evaluations

Consulting Tiers

Tiers are based on experience and the certifications the consultants have.

We break it down into three different groups of consulting. Completions, Drilling, and Safety. Click on a tab to learn more about that specific group.

  • Frac
  • Wireline
  • Completion
  • Conventional
  • Directional
  • Unconventional
  • Completion
  • Drilling
  • Frac
  • Production